Jul. 29th, 2013

I have not disappeared...just a lot has been going on since my last post. A short summary:
Got into a relationship, found lumps wich turned out to be benign but still needed major surgery, then it has been a slow return to normal life and recover from what the myoma had done to my body and mind. Now I'm back on track and thought it just might be time to resurrect my blog. I love making stuff, and I also like to share my experiences into recreating historical garb.

My current project is a housebook dress, just got started on the first pleated pieces, and the plan is to photograph and describe what I do, my mistakes and all ; )

Getting started with the pleating of the panels. The heavy wool backing has been marked for the strings to be sewn in, and awaits basting to the front panel piece.

My friend Renika has made an awsome dress, and one of a kind that I've been coveting for a while, Now she's graciously agreed to help me get mine going, i.e. kick my butt in gear. I need/want a new dress after spending most of my spare time on sewing for the man in my life : ) After having made him a complete viking outfit, and summer wear to survive a week long event: 4 shirts, 3 pants and a bunch of braies I deserve to make myself something new, don't I?

So here are an image of what I'm going for:
Nuremberg virgin in dance dress by Durer



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